An ecosystem is a group of animals, plants and living things along with their environment. Every ecosystem has two main parts, living things and non living things. Animals plants and microrganisms are the living things in the ecosystem. The non living things in the ecosystem are rocks, soil, minerals, water and energy. All living things need the ecosystem to live and survive. Living things need the ecosystem for shelter, food,and water. A food chain shows us what animals eat and how they get energy. Carnivores eat herbivores and herbivores eat plants. Plants make food for animals from sun light by photosynthesis.The food web is when one animl eats a other animal and blod sugar gets past on. When the first animal gets eaten the animal that eate it has the blod sugar that the other animal had befor it got eaten.


I like Brazil. I really want to go there some day. And the 2017 Olympics was in Brazil. The U.S.A did very good  in the Olympics to. And Brazils soccer team won a gold medel. But there are a lot of people playing soccer. In Brzil soccer is there favorite sport. Neymar one is there favorite soccer players he is very populer there. 

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I love the Blazers. They have lots of  good players. I like C.J. MCcollum. He is a very good player. Damian Lillard is very good he is one of my favorite players. The Blazers least  favorite team is the golden state Warriors. I do not  like the golden state warriors, do you? I got to see the Warriors stadium in California.

I phone

phones are very cool. There are lots of type of phones but Apple made the first phone. At first Apple made the phone but Steve Jobs thought something was wrong. It was all the buttons. They were  there if you needed them or not. So they put a big screen. now the phone is like the phone that your mom and dad have today. Or your brothers mite have a phone.


I went to California for spring break. It was a lot fun. I got to see 2 pairs of cousins. My cousins let my use their computer and I got to do some home work. It took us a long time to get there but I still had lots of fun seeing them. We went to the automotive museum where we had a lot of fun looking at some very good cars. We saw some old race cars and some very cool rare cars. We went to the park at  Sanford university and I played with my cousins. There were lots of cool buildings there. We also went to the golden gate bridge. I was surprised by the people and cars on the bridge. It was very big. There was a very close town called Sausalito we had lots of fun. We sat on the water front and enjoyed some Ice cream. And we saw the birds fly.



The cheetah is the fastest animal on land. They are very few of them left. In asia there are only 50 cheetahs left. People are purposely killing them for food and sport. The black thing under their eye is to keep the sun out of their eye. I love them because there are very fast. They only live in Afria and asia. They have lots of dots on them. A cheeta can reech speeed at 60 or 70 miles an hour. After a chase they have to rest for haf an hour to catch their breath. When they are chasing their prey they go half their full speed . Today cheetahs are going toward extinction. Cheetah eat small to medium size animals. Cheetahs eyesight helps them catch their prey.



Sharks are fish that live in seas and oceans across the world. Sharks do not have bones. Their skeletons are made of light stretchy cartilage. Most sharks do not eat people, but some, like the great white shark, do. People are putting sharks in danger of extinction. We kill them for food and sport. People like shark fin soup. They will take their fins  and put the shark back in the water to die.


The blog

Blogs are fun . You can post any thing on it.You can post about something you like and you get visitors that visit your blogs. You can have 2 blogs like I do but it is more work. You can even put pictures of any thing that you are writing about. I bet you will have lots of fun with blogs. I love blogs they are fun you should have lots of fun with the blogs I do.


I live in Oregon. It is very nice. There is lots of trees her. There is lots of water here.  I love  Oregon you can do anything here except rob people. I love Oregon it is fun lots of fun. But there is to much rain here. There is lots of pleases you can go. There is lots of pleases you can go in Oregon. Some people do not like Oregon but I do. There are lots of lakes here.


Rocks are very cool. Some can be cool and some are ordinary rocks. I love rocks, do you? I have lots of cool rocks. Some people go hunt for rocks for a living. The thunder egg is my favorite rock. One of the best places to get thunder eggs  is southern Oregon lots of people go there. Lots of people have many rocks and some people do not have many rocks. In my class, we share rocks with the whole class. It is fun. Crystals are a lot of fun to see.